Scuba Diving Channel Islands

Say hello to my beautiful little friend…Did I say little friend? I mean, 30 pound lobster whose antenna is longer than my arm.

I named him Ricardo. Unfortunately, I did not eat him.

Instead I ate Seared Scallops with Beurre Blanc Sauce.

Lobster season starts on September 29th and I cannot wait to share my adventures with LOTS of lobster recipes! I was surprised to see how many lobsters were out and crawling around, not to mention they were all HUGE. Usually, you hunt for them at night because they come out in full force. It is pretty scary and exciting because you can only see a few feet in front of you… wait was that a shark that just bumped into me…. nope, just Chris.

This dive however was in the middle of the day in beautiful Channel Islands, California. It’s official, it is my new favorite local dive spot. About an hour north of Los Angeles, Channel Islands are eight beautiful little islands; five of which are part of the National Park. You can dive, surf, camp and adventure your heart out in the beautiful landscape of California.

We dove in the clear  blue waters of Santa Cruz Island where we saw harbor seals, sea lions, bat rays, lots of fish, and lobster.  I learned that krill surround the islands, attracting blue whales during the summer time. Unfortunately we didn’t see any up close during this trip. We did see a few dolphins chasing after our boat, but our skills in photographing wildlife during this adventure were pathetic. Hopefully we upgrade our Go Pro housing soon for some better underwater photos and videos.

We rode out on THE RAPTOR, proudly skippered by Captain Dave. Captain Dave told a story of how he was attacked by a great white shark in the Channel Islands in 1998. He was fishing for yellowtail in a 20 foot boat when a 18-foot great white got its whole head into the boat and almost flipped it. Its was an amazing story! I am weird and wish that would happen to me. Hopefully I wouldn’t get mauled or decapitated, but I would risk it at least once for the chance at an up close encounter with a great white shark.

The guy in the Cowboy’s hat is Chris, my handsome fiancé and as I type, I sneer at him because I proudly sport my Broncos gear. It’s football season, we lovingly fight on Sundays, Mondays and on sometimes on Thursdays. It’s great..It was a two tank dive so we checked out a spot called FISH BOWL. Apparently they call it that because there are so many Garibaldi fish. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice too many. I personally thought it was because the water was so perfectly clear it felt like you were swimming in a fish bowl. The viability was 65 feet, which is the best I have dived yet.

I took sometime to work on my yoga. I think it was my zen state that attracted some beautiful wildlife. Right after this pose I spotted a beautiful Harbor Seal; I rushed after her but didn’t tell Chris to grab the Go Pro to get her picture. I guess we need to work on our underwater sign language.Our second dive was also in Santa Cruz Island at a site called Key Hole. When the tide rolls out, the shape of the rock looks like a key hole. We scoped out some great cave entrances and Captain Dave told us they can go up to 400 meters into the island! I bet there is some crazy stuff down there. I can’t wait to learn how to cave dive, although that is actually the scariest form of diving for me. I blame the movie Sanctum for freaking me out. Spoiler alert: Everyone dies. We also practiced lobster catching. I think Ricardo is happy it isn’t lobster season yet because I am sure  he would have made for great Lobster Mac & Cheese.

When we got home I was craving seafood so I made some Scallops with Beurre Blanc Sauce. I thought the beurre blanc would also be amazing on lobsters as well (plenty of recipes to come after lobster season begins) Man, I am making myself hungry again…

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