Salami, Brie and Apple Sandwich

I LOVE SALAMI.Peppery, spicy, delicious salami. Whenever I eat salami I HAVE to eat it with cheese. The combo always takes me straight back to Honfleur, France where I had the best salami and cheese sandwich in MY LIFE!

Honfleur is a small seaside port in the northwest region of France, about 45 minutes from Normandy. I was studying abroad in Paris and we took a day trip  to visit this wonderful little village. Honfleur is known in France for their amazing street markets. We spent hours exploring all the wonderful fresh cheese, meats, produce and seafood that the locals had to offer. We purchased several types of salami and cheese then loaded it up on fresh-baked baguette. We decided to sit out on the port and enjoy the perfect food.My adventures there were the inspiration for this salami, brie, and apple sandwich. My favorite fruit is a fresh crisp green apple and it almost upstaged the salami and cheese on this sandwich (almost). The apple gives this sandwich a fresh, sweet and tart crunch. I use peppered salami because it is so spicy and it complements the sweet tartness of the green apple so perfectly. I chose a mild, creamy brie because if you choose too strong of a cheese it can over power the sandwich. I made some Fresh Baked Bread, because that’s the way the French do it and when it comes to food, the French often do it best.

I also took these delicious sandwiches on a 5 mile hike to The Bridge To Nowhere where we jumped of a bridge. My soon to-be sister-in-law thought it would be tasty to add coarse grain Dijon mustard, but my fiancé Chris HATES Dijon. Me, I think I am going to stick to the classic. Would you like it with Dijon?

Salami, Brie and Green Apple Sandwich

Serving: 1 Sandwich

6 thin slices of Peppered Salami

1 Green Apple sliced thick and round

As much Brie as YOU like


*Best thing about a sandwich is how easy it is to make. Pile it up on the bread, I like it with salami on the bottom, apples in the middle and the creamy brie on the top piece of bread. YUM. Bon Appetite!

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