I love October. The weather is finally cool and crisp after a long, hot summer and the holiday season is in the air, making everyone feel like a kid again.

Thankfully, I am adult enough to celebrate in the first celebration of the season, OKTOBERFEST. “Mmmmm Beeeer”. What is the best way to celebrate Octoberfest you ask? First and foremost, lots and lots of beer. Second, finding an awesome venue and what is better than stepping in to a traditional German Village in non-traditional Huntington Beach. Welcome to Old World.Our first stop was Old World Restaurant. Where we downed countless pitchers of German Beer to wash down our sausage and bratwurst. Our favorite beers were Kostritzer Oktoberfest, Warsteiner Oktoberfest and Spaten Oktoberfest.  I felt as if I was in Germany the moment I walked in the doors. Pitchers and pitchers of beer, sausage, bratwurst and pastries as far as the eye could see.

Do you see that German Head Cheese? No matter how adventurous I think I am when it comes to food, the German Head Cheese will stop me in my tracks… Am I drunk? Are we in the first scene of The Sound Of Music? Is that Julie Andrews dancing around the restaurant?Why yes, yes it is. Ok, I think I’ve had enough beer. Time to go…

You didn’t know I dressed in German attire did you?Ok on to the next bar… It is Oktoberfest after all. Side note: I love how this church is surrounded by bars. Maybe you stumble out of the bar and into the church to ask for forgiveness for last night. German people are awesome. And what does one do after a full day of drinking delicious German beer? Make sure someone is sober enough to drive (safety first kids) then go to a pumpkin patch, obviously.

I never knew a pumpkin patch could be so fun. Note to self: always end a day of Oktoberfesting at a pumpkin patch OR always go to a pumpkin patch drunk.

We felt like kids again.

If given a choice, I would have bought every single pumpkin in the patch, but Chris stopped me after my 3rd trip to the counter carrying every Gourd I could find. 

As I was loading the car up with every variety of gourd imaginable, I made a new friend. I named him Walter. Walter seemed to really enjoy eating my pumpkin stem. Which I could totally relate to because I picked my pumpkin because it had an awesome stem. Normally I would have been upset he was mutilating my pumpkin, but he was so cute I just kept letting him eat it. Sometimes you have to be unselfish when it comes to making others happy and he seemed really happy. By the time we got home it was relatively cold out, as cold as California gets in October, so I decided to make some Cheddar Cheese and Beer Soup. Nothing is better than hot soup on a cold October night. Not to mention, I was really inspired by all the great beer I drank all day and after eating so much sausage and bratwurst, nothing sounded better than cheese soup. I also had a pack of Blue Moon Seasonal Beers to make this cheesy beer soup. I mean, does it get any better than that? Here is a little teaser… The recipes will be up this week, just in time for Sunday Football and believe me, this is the PERFECT Sunday Night Football meal.

Happy October!!

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