Yes It’s Lobster Season, No We Haven’t Been Successful… Damnit!

"Lobster Diving"I am so MAD. 4 Lobster dives, NO LOBSTERS. I’ve caught plenty, but all were under size and I had to let them go. So, my amazing lobster season post that I planned hasn’t happened. After much frustration, I realized sometime life adventures aren’t always successful but are still adventurous all the same. We have had a lot of fun… just not a lot of lobster mac + cheese, lobster bisque or lobster rolls. We are going again tonight, wish us luck.

Our first dive was off Redondo Pier. As you can see, I can catch them, I just wasn’t good at measuring them underwater. The lobsters are literally TWICE as big underwater. I brought all these guys up and had to throw every single one back. It was kind of sketchy that I even brought them up to our car because if Fish and Game had caught me, I would have received $1000 TICKET for EACH lobster. I think I had 12…. that would have sucked. Luckily, that didn’t happen.Our favorite dive buddies are Phil and Andrew Park. We met them in our Open Water Scuba class and they got their advance dive card around the same time we did. They are PROS when it comes to hunting lobster, you should see their pictures from last year, alas they are having the same problems we are having: NO lobster that is big enough. They went last night, maybe they had more luck without us. Side note: Scuba gear doesn’t make anyone look good. On our 2-4th dives, we chartered a boat to Catalina. We departed San Pedro at 7pm and returned at 6am. We were SURE we were going to catch more lobsters than we could handle. Look at the excitement and expectation in our eyes.We geared up and did our usual safety checks using our dive master’s tick to remembering our key safely checks: BRUCE WILLIS RUINS ALL FILMS. B= BCD check, W= weight check, R= regulator check, A= air check, F= final safety check.The boat ride to Catalina took 2 hours. I filled the time with photography, per usual, and the boys talked about all the lobster we were going to catch and what to do with it. We expected so many lobsters, we were concerned that our bags wouldn’t hold them all. At some point we were discussing what we were going to do when we had 14 lobsters each…. ya… I mean 0 each.It was an amazing ride. When we reached Two Harbors in Catalina, we jumped in and began the hunt. I had one that I was SURE would make size. I pinned him to the seafloor, grabbed him and as I lifted him up to place him in my bag, he quickly swam out of my hand. Lobsters are so fast! He was bigger than my hand so I didn’t have a good grip. That was my only chance to get a lobster that was big enough and I blew it! I didn’t realize how mad I was until later when I didn’t catch any lobsters!

Sadly I didn’t have any success and they guys didn’t either. Hopefully we are really successful tonight. I’ll keep you posted.

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