Adventuring San Francisco

Whew….. I have traveled a lot lately. On top of that, Chris and I just moved. So in between a trip to San Francisco and New Orléans (where I severely sprained my ankle… like my foot is still blue, severe) I have packed, lifted and unpacked. It feels really nice to be sitting on my couch (ankle elevated) with my two poodles watching Giada (thanks Tivo) as I write this post. I’m glad my ankle wasn’t sprained when Chris and I went San Francisco because we hiked all over the city and had the best picnic ever, thanks to Molinari’s Deli.Golden Gate Bridge We actually visit San Fran a lot because several of our best friends live there, not to mention you cannot keep me away from SF food. Honestly, SF has some of the best food in the U.S. (sorry LA your food is sad in comparison and New York, if it isn’t expensive don’t waste your time). We had some great food while we were there and the most had to mention food of our trip was Molinari’s Deli. The deli was so amazing and the food SO TASTY it earned its own post…. stay tuned. Chris and I took our Molinari’s sandwiches, wine and the poodles on hike up to Coit Tower to check out the stunning views of the city. BEST Sandwich EVER (Molinari's Deli)My sandwich was the Luciano Special and it blew my mind! It had parma prosciutto, sweet coppa, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, onions with lettuce, on grilled focaccia bread. I was seriously in sandwich heaven. Best prosciutto I have ever had, period. After I stuffed my face, we walked around and enjoyed the views. We didn’t walk to the top to Coit Tower because there was a huge NO DOGS allowed sign. I felt like Snoopy being rejected everywhere we went… singing No Dogs Allowed. At least it was a beautiful day and we saw the best of the best San Francisco views. Coit TowerSan Francisco America!San Francisco San Francisco  After we walked around a bit, we drove to Chrissy Field and Fort Point. I could spend all day in the beautiful parks San Francisco has to offer. I could also live in SF if Chris would let me but he basically grew up there so we moved to New York instead. As usual Beaux enjoyed the drive, head out of the window….Dunn nun nun nun nun nun Bat Dog!Golden GateGolden Gate BridgeAlcatraz IslandSan Francisco San Francisco Chris, Courtney, Scarlett, Bordeaux at Golden Gate Bridge Afterward we went out with our friends and I vaguely remember a booze bus, a drag queen bar and the hills of San Francisco… let’s just say it was a good night. The following day we drove home down the coast which is my favorite drive of ALL TIME. I will share soon.

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  2. San Francisco is my old hometown (Went to college there), and after 20 years in New York, I’m seriously pondering moving back there! Thanks for sharing this article, made me “homesick”! 🙂

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