Molinari’s Deli: San Francisco BEST EATS

I’m not going to lie… Whenever I visit San Francisco, I always make sure to have lunch at Fisherman’s Warf, especially if I am only going to get one meal in the city. No more my friends, no more. Molinari’s Delicatessen IS  one of San Francisco’s best eats for lunch when in the city.

The best advice I could give is: grab a sandwich, maybe some wine, cheese, salami and just walk around the city. You will find Molinari’s at 373 Columbus Ave (between Grant Ave & Vallejo St) San Francisco, CA 94133. You’ll get a great view of the Transamerica Pyramid and you are within walking distance of Coit Tower, which has excellent views of the city.

When you enter Molinari’s grab a number, choose the type of bread you want (in the back corner by the wine) and then decide what delicious sandwich you will eat. You can build your own (Chris went with a classic roast beef) or you can go with a special, which I highly suggest. I got the Luciano Special with parma prosciutto, sweet coppa, fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, onions with lettuce on grilled focaccia bread. It was amazing. IMG_8537Molinari's Deli San Francisco IMG_8533IMG_8543IMG_8504IMG_8529IMG_8528IMG_8502IMG_8500IMG_8527IMG_8518IMG_8540IMG_8546IMG_8556San Francisco Coit TowerSan Francisco

5 responses to “Molinari’s Deli: San Francisco BEST EATS

  1. I love Molinari’s salami! I buy it in Seattle at The Metropolitan Market. I would love to buy it directly from the source in San Francisco! Looks amazing. Very nice photos! And thank you for visiting my blog…

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