Imperial Palace, Tokyo Japan

My name is Courtney Small and I live in sunny Los Angeles with my fiancé, Chris, and our two small sous chefs, Scarlett and Bordeaux, our cute and curly poodles who eat like kings during my adventures in the kitchen.  My grand adventures to date have given me great memories in Los Angeles, New York City and Paris, the great cities I was lucky enough to call home. I am a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Anthropology. With that wonderful degree, I hoped in vain that one day my life would be filled with adventure and I would be the next Indiana Jones. I am currently attending culinary school where I adventure with new cooking techniques from around the world. I get to learn and discover so much about the culture and people through their food. When I am really lucky, I get to visit the amazing places where the food was first created and perfected.

Small Taste Of Adventure was created to share how my adventurous life inspires my love for cooking, eating, and creating recipes while photographing every moment. If you’re an adventurer hungry for more, a beginner adventuring with cooking basics or a culinary master ready to explore new adventures in the kitchen, then lets dive in. Wether I am scuba diving for shell-fish, deep-sea fishing, hiking, snowboarding down mountains, or traveling around the world to inspire my food, you will get a small taste of adventure in every photo and bite. I hope you enjoy my adventures and hopefully they inspire your own!

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  1. I’m glad you commented on my blog because it gave me a chance to discover your’s! Great posts!

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