What Do You Eat Before You Jump Off A Bridge?

Salami, Brie and Apple Sandwiches + Nutella, Strawberry and Banana Sandwiches… Obviously. I threw in a few Classic Turkey Sandwiches too just in case we were extra hungry.

And this my friends, is the face I make when I jump off a bridge.Apparently, I am a screamer. I wish I could do it 100 more times at least. After doing it I realize that the recoil is actually the scariest part. All the sudden you are  launched straight back at the bridge, flying through the air so fast your eyes are watering and you are grateful you can’t see the impending doom of smashing into the bridge. Right as you think the scariest part is over you are dropping down, down, down back towards the ground only to do it all over again. HOLY CRAP, it is AMAZING! I was also totally not supposed to hold on the bungee like I did… apparently that’s a sign of a big scaredy cat and I am lucky I didn’t get a finger caught.

Now if you are afraid of heights like a certain fiancé I know (he would kill me if I told you the Grand Canyon story), bungee jumping might be too scary for you. But HONESTLY you should try it at least once; it will be one of the most amazing adventures you will ever go on. You only have one life right? If you can’t overcome a fear or two, you may regret it later and you can’t have regret if you died doing it… Can’t fight that logic right? And speaking of overcoming a fear, Chris didn’t even flinch when he jumped off. LOOK at that PERFECT FORM and his expression is priceless.

This adventure began when Chris’ sister surprised us with a gift to go bungee jumping with her (I love her). So I woke up at 5 am to make these delicious sandwiches for the 5 mile hike up to the bridge. Lets be real, I am a real jerk  before 9am… ok ok 10am, so making the sandwiches was a huge challenge for me, but it was worth it when we reached the top and were starving.It’s easier to face a fear on a full stomach don’t you think?

My favorite guys at Bungee America geared us up and not only do they have a perfect safety record, they are also the oldest bungee company in the U.S! I learned that at bungee school.In case you are wondering, that IS a SCUBA diving polar bear on my shirt. I am a proud member of the Pacific Wilderness dive team. Get ready for a small taste of lobster season.Elise did the splits.And Forest wore combat boots.

He was quite happy about it when the self designated hike leader aka me, led us straight into a patch of poison ivy. I was obviously very qualified for the position. Luckily, none of us actually touched it because the boys noticed it before I went charging through it.While the bungee jumping was the most exciting part of the adventure, the ten-mile hike was the most rewarding. We are so lucky we got adventure in the beautiful Angeles National Forest. I was praying we would come across a rattle snake, I know I am weird, alas we did not.It was a really an awesomely stunning hike; every moment of it reminded me why I am grateful I get to adventure into a new day.

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